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Female sperm storage is a biological process and often a type of sexual selection in which sperm cells transferred to a female during mating are temporarily retained within a specific part of the reproductive tract before the oocyte , or egg, is fertilized. The site of storage is variable among different animal taxa and ranges from structures that appear to function solely for sperm retention, such as insect spermatheca [1] and bird sperm storage tubules bird anatomy , [2] [3] to more general regions of the reproductive tract enriched with receptors to which sperm associate before fertilization, such as the caudal portion of the cow oviduct containing sperm-associating annexins. It has several documented biological functions including:. One important advantage female insects that store sperm gain is increased genetic diversity in their offspring. There are many ways that females can alter offspring genetics to increase their success and diversity. An example of how this can be accomplished is in female Scathophaga that preferentially fertilize eggs to survive in different environments.
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It is thought that male king cobras mate with the same female in successive seasons. The female can store the male's sperm for several years until she's ready to. Long, graceful, powerful and deadly, the appropriately named king cobra, and sometimes, for days, until he has delivered his sperm and fertilized her eggs.
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Updated August 06, Just how can some female snakes store sperm after mating, sometimes for months, before using it to fertilise their eggs? Now Luke Allen, who curates a venom laboratory in South Australia, has used his captive snakes to find out how. Studying the coastal taipan, Australia's longest venomous snake and one of the deadliest snakes in the world, he learned that the snakes can store sperm for up to six months after mating.

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Cobras are a species of snake included in the Elapidae family, and like other venomous snakes in this family, are also known as Elapids. A cobra has a hood around its head that it "spreads" while hissing and rising into a threatening posture. It has only two natural predators: Because cobras have short fangs, they sometimes strike their prey numerous times in an effort to release enough venom to kill quickly. Female cobras typically mate with several males, resulting in a longer-than-usual mating season. It begins when the mature female leaves trails of pheromones to attract mature males.
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    As snakes emerge from hibernation, mating — not eating — is usually first on the menu, depending on the species.

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